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Photography, Shoot & Lighting Concept by Daniel Tan (Nikon Pro Ambassador) (Manfrotto Ambassador) http://www.facebook.com/DTanPhotography www.dtanph.com +639178128367. Follow me at Instagram @dtanph


The sole purpose of this gallery is to showcase my work, skills, imagination, inspiration, exploration, interpretation & expression of art & beauty in different levels and also for those who appreciate photography as an art form and not as a medium to promote pornography.

This gallery is only for the open minded adults and is not suitable for young children. Parents/Individuals must assess the maturity level of their own and their own children and judge whether the content is suitable or not. Parents/Individuals should preview the content and then judge the merits of this gallery themselves.

Subjects/Individuals who are included in my work are individuals and professionals who demand privacy and utmost respect as that is how they explore & express their character, ideas, beauty, inspiration & individualism thus exposing themselves as tools of another art form which is thru photography.

I recognize that not all people feel the same way…. All I ask is mutual respect of ideas, individualism, beliefs, expression and interpretation.

By entering and looking at this gallery, you are agreeing that you have read and understood the above warning.

All digital photos on this gallery are property of Daniel Tan. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Use, Copy, Editing, Cropping, Reproduction, Publication, Duplication and Distribution of the digital photos, or any portion of them, may result in severe legal and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum possible extent under the law.

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"A Photographer Not a Photoshop Artist" 100% No Corrections.

"Immortalizing Every Moment."

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